February 2nd 2017

This is Chapter One.

From Los Angeles, Ca to Florianopolis, Brazil in a mere 22 hours, my 2017 and entire life shifted from one of "normalcy" and comfort, to that of extreme change, unfamiliarity and new beginnings. 

This has been a long time coming. 

In 2010, I entertained the idea of one day living overseas (specifically South and/or Central America, writing on behalf of a non profit while also being very hands on with the organization. I would work heavily in the field, preferably with the youth and taking those experiences and turn them into my literature. At that point, as a junior is college, it was merely an dream; something unattainable at the moment, but it sounded really good. 

In 2016, five long years later after taking a break from writing and waiting tables, to dabbling in the tv/film production industry, lots of babysitting hours logged and a short stint as a recruiter with a staffing firm, an opportunity arose that would allow me to take the first step at making this dream a reality. To be able to take my freelance writing full time, while also traveling through a continent I so desperately wanted to immerse myself in seemed too good to be true. It was also a terrifying reality that I would be my own boss, completely in control of my work, making it work, working on more work, writing new work and being a work of art in itself. So the question then arose, "am I going to take this leap... or scoot back into a corner and continue my mediocre and stagnant career path that brought a shitty 2% joy to the 100% freedom I was genuinely seeking?"

I bit the bullet.

Putting myself, my dreams, aspirations, happiness, well being and peace of mind first, I made the single most important decision of my life to say YES to my passion, letting my heart lead the way (by the grace of God), and telling my mind and all its worrisome and doubting thoughts to shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride.

So here I am, enjoying everything Brazil has to offer. Soaking this shit all the way up, working on my craft (my first novel), prioritizing self-care, paying attention to the signs of my heart and the thoughts in my mind, shutting down the enemy that says I will fail and cannot possibly make this work, sharing my experiences with my friends and family and overall accepting this time in my life and myself, loving the shit out of it all. 

As my journey continues, I'll feel free to share the emotions and experiences, hopefully giving you a full visual of my story. 

Praia do Moçambique - Florianopolis, Brazil

Praia do Moçambique - Florianopolis, Brazil

Peace and love, y'all.