Brazil: In a Nutshell, I love you.

How a month has gone by so fast!  And at the same time, it's also gone by relatively slow being away from everyone and everything I've ever known. As I prepare to change locations, there is so much to reminisce and be thankful for in these last few weeks residing in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Food/Drinks (because that's most important):
The amount of food I ate this month is nothing shy of impressive. I've got a permanent food baby residing in my tummy and now I've had to make the decision to actually start working out in order to keep up with indulging in virtually everything placed in front of me. 

The tribe experienced authentic Rodízio (aka Brazilian BBQ) last night at Churrascaria Ataliba. It's a pretty fancy place, white table cloths and servers in three piece suits literally walking around every few minutes cutting meat straight off the skewer. Ribs, filet mignon, veal, chicken, boar, bacon wrapped pork (yes), chicken HEARTS (I couldn't bring myself to try them), and my personal favorite, flank steak with this phenomenal chimichurri sauce (drool). Included was a salad buffet (barely touched that joint) and dessert buffet (murdered that jawn). 

Brazilian Tapioca - So they fry the tapioca, which before coming to Brazil, I've only had tapioca pudding (and I hate it), so I was super apprehensive trying this, thinking it was some weird pudding shit, lol. On the contrary, the fried tapioca turns into like a taco shell (or crepe) and they stuff it with meats and sauces. Chicken & pesto, camarones e queijo, or even dessert ingredients like NUTELLA AND STRAWBERRIES (lawd). Can you see yet how I've gained a few lbs.?

Traditional Brazilian Tapioca

Skrimps & cheeseeeee

Nutella heaven, NBD.

Espetinho (aka street meat) - Similar to LA, there are people literally just on the side of the road grilling meat and blowing the heavenly smell of fresh chicken and steak in your direction; oh, the aroma! They also sprinkle this bread crumb/floury spice mixture on top for more flavoring, it's called farinha (or farofa) & it's fire. 

Caipirinha (com vodka ou cashaça) - I have never consumed so much sugar in my life. A long time traditional drink, the caipirinha is probably the official country drink. First, you muddle lime and sugar (some use pure sugar cane, others use brown sugar). Then, you add lots of ice and the liquor of your choice (most common is vodka or cashaça, which is its own liqueor made from sugar cane.. so double sugar in this one). Shake well and slurp. You can also add in fruit if you wish (I've added pineapples before, strawberries and passionfruit, yum). They are fairly inexpensive (as is a lot of things here), normally around $4-8 each. There's a guaranteed hangover because of course once you've had 3 or 4, you stop counting. OR, street vendors will make you a deal and create a GIANT caipirinha for R$20 ($6) and the rest is history. *cue every Carnaval celebration 2017*

It's literally a never ending party in Brazil, and it definitely took some getting used to. The clubs open at 10pm, but aren't poppin' until about 230-3am, and stay open until like 6 or 7am.. Why have I left the club when it's daylight and legit lost track of all time? Easy, Brazilians know how to dance the hours away! I've noticed they are a few years behind on current American music (I've heard usher's 8701 and old school Ludacris one too many times on the radio), but they love some electronic dance music! To make things even better, there are so many clubs located right on the beach, so after a night of dancing, I jump in the ocean of course. Hence why you always wear a swimsuit under your outfits :)

Club Donna - Juerere 

Club Milk - Juerere

Breathtaking is an understatement. I am not the most (or at all) outdoorsy or specially active, but I made sure to go on a hike or two and def. hit the beach quite frequently; just know, my tan is poppin'.

Praia Mole

Praia do Moçambique

Praia Campeche

Overlooking all of Lagoa

CARNAVAL (or CARNIVAL, depending on who you're talking to) 2017
Not sure how the world is able to celebrate/stay out/party/indulge for a full week straight, but kudos to those that made it through lol. We celebrated the entire first weekend, went to the parades, street parties and covered ourselves in glitter and costumes! Oh also, I saw Galantis perform from the first row, NBD. 

Bloco de Sojus

Traditional opening parade!

6 hrs. later @ Bloco du Sujos

GALANTIS! @ Club P12

Overall, Florianopolis seemed more of a suburb of what I'm used to, as in we had to travel a solid 20-30 minutes to reach peak party/fire sceneries, but it was all worth it and beautiful. 

Buenos Aires, here I come :)