Buenos Aires, you're doin' it well.

March has been full of great weather, busy streets, yummy food and beautiful architecture. Here's a quick rundown of the past two weeks:

Regular view from my balcony, no biggie. 

Loads of Spanish, Italian and French influence in Argentine architecture. 

  1. I left Florianopolis on the 3rd of March and went from a super beachy, laid back suburb, to my natural habitat of city life (praise Him). 
  2. The cost of living is pretty similar to Brazil, maybe a littler bit cheaper.. but still a nice change from LA prices (like my Ubers haven't been over $10 since I got here... praise Him). 
  3. I've always got this ridiculous sunset to look at every night as I wind down on work and enjoy a nice glass of wine (because it's 5 o'clock somewhere, amirite?)
  4. There's still this thing with boxed and bagged milk (idk), and only sometimes is it refrigerated... ? Again, idk. 
  5. The amount of steakhouses that exist is insane. Argentina is known for their wine and meats, so naturally I have consumed an obscene about of select cuts, cheeses and BREAD and I'm actually going to go for a run after I finish this blog. 
  6. I can't find coconut oil for my hair; this will become an issue soon as I am running low. 
  7. Virtually every girl here wears platform sandals (like Spice Girls style), and I picture them falling on a loop consistently throughout the day. Also, there are a lot of cobblestone roads here so I actually see them fall regularly throughout the day as well.. rarely do I have to imagine it happening.

*note to self: do not give in to the style, you need your ankles, girl.*


Anyways, here are some recent pictures of things I have been doing // indulging in // experiencing // loving:

Bife Chorizo y queso from El Desnivel, one of the best spots for meat in Buenos Aires. Yea, thats a fat slice of PROVOLONE cheese right there. #NOMS

Practicing my praying hands pose in front of the Floralis Generica monument; I think I got it down right. 

Do you see what I see? A creepy black Michael Jackson doll that I almost bought, because why not?

Killin' a pint of local beer and a steak sandwich with all the spices to make my mouth water as we speak. And hey, that's my roommate Julia :) 

Buenos Aires subway was an interesting experience. This car looked like it was the first ever built. 

We took some bikes out for a spin around the city on Sunday. I'll call it my workout for the week.

Working by day and enjoying everything Buenos Aires has to offer by night, that's my motto. There's this awesome place on Sunday's that I went to called Afro Mama Jams and they have this sick band covering old/new school hip-hop and r&b. I jammed out to some Maxwell, Justin Timberlake, The Internet and Michael Jackson. It cost ARS$20 to get in, which is about $1.30 and everyone in that joint was giggin'... I think I've fallen in love with the city.