But like, when do you know know?

Have you ever laid in bed and stared at the ceiling? But then the ceiling kind of goes away, it separates and all of the sudden you see stars. You see stars and the deep, dark sky and endless space. And then you see yourself heading toward that one star all the way to the far right, almost out of eye sight, but you see it. It’s a special star and you don’t know why, but it is. There’s something about that star that makes you reach out and try to grab it, but you realize you’re not close enough to actually touch it. But, you could touch it if you wanted, right? You could reach your hand out again, grab that star and stick it in your pocket for safe keeping. Because a star like that doesn’t need to be waved around in front of everyone; its best place is right there in your pocket, safe and protected. It’s special, you know. This star. It’s a special star and you don’t know why, but you can just kinda tell.

How do you know when the dream you’ve had is attainable? When you’ve gone through life with an idea of what your life will be like, what it will look like and smell like and feel like and it’s just great. It’s a perfect life (whatever that means). And you’ve tried to take all the steps necessary in order to make this dream a reality… but somewhere along the way, things just got a little harder. Day by day, things pop up, things don’t add up, they’re not matching up to what you envisioned for yourself from day one. When you had no plan, no money, no support, nothing… just a dream.

How do you know that you’re enough to make his happen? Maybe you’re so close, so close you can taste the success on the tip of your tongue. You can smell the success, the recognition for your work on the tips of your fingers as they grace under your nose. It’s so vivid, the vision you see, the faith in your most inner being; the wild certainty when everything else around you is so uncertain. But then you come back to “reality,” and real, tangible things come back in focus. That mirror to the future you’ve been gazing in the last 15 min. is gone and only your reflection is left. A reflection of life right now, and it’s not how you imagined it… some things are better than you’d thought they would be and others are nowhere near close to what you had “planned” out in your early twenties.

So, how do you know know? How do you know know that your dream will come true? When the only thing you can bet on is yourself (including your faith in a higher power), what keeps you going every day? What is that special thing that helps you to not give up. What’s that little star to the right that you could just snag out of the sky for safekeeping look like? What’s your star?