jessica buck - copywriter

I am first and foremost a QUEEN, and on a daily basis, I create content for special things and special people. Passion is key, and I have a lot to say.

Jessica Buck

Jessica Buck

Things I like:

Music - I listen to the masses. Give me a SoundCloud link over an iTunes purchase any day.

Books - Take me to an entirely different world, please.

Writing - My thoughts need a place to stay, so I write them down and let them live. 

Memes - Instant conversation starter, instant laughter

Food - Pizza, tacos, bacon cheeseburgers and fries. I want them all, with a neapolitan milkshake on the side.

Kids- Little humans are the cutest things alive, they'll teach you about yourself. 

Elephants - Infinite memories, brains for days and a gentle touch, I will hug you one day.

Sleeping in - I don't even want to hit snooze, I just want snoozes.

Freckles- Embrace your unique features, I want more of mine.

Turquoise- From shade to stone, I only want the genuine stuff. 

LOVE - It conquers all, spread that shit everywhere. 

HBO- Show me the movies! (Cuba Gooding Jr. voice)